Naris is based on the philosophy of existing for others. Our corporate goal is to share with our customers the joy and happiness of becoming more beautiful through our cosmetics. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards by manufacturing our products totally in house, with no outsourcing, in order to produce goods with a full guarantee.

Naris uses high-level technological expertise to search for a variety of ingredients from among nature’s many [superb] substances to lead to the development of cosmetics that help maintain a healthy youthful skin. Science and technology are not all-powerful yet if we utilize them to refine the gifts of nature to the greatest advantage the results can be wonderful!

Selecting the best skin care and make up products are affected by a number of factors: skin type, age, budget, family responsibilities, work, sports etc. Naris Cosmetics has developed different skin care lines to accommodate the many varied lifestyles. All formulated with exceptional Naris quality and 99.97% purity of each and every ingredient so you can be assured of a pure, natural and effective product.

Lily quality standards