Bringing out healthy beauty through ample communication

Naris’ door-to-door sales operations deliver heartfelt and personal service in line with our spirit of existing for others. We continually strive to develop careful sales strategies in order to deliver high-quality products to more customers. Naris beauty advisers are equipped with Naris’ original and sophisticated aesthetic technical skills, and by providing those skills to our customers we build up our mutual trust.

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We bring ‘Made in Japan’ quality and technology to the world

Naris’s technology and product innovation are also contributing their full potential to overseas market. We do research on the weather, habit, skin texture and color, preference of fragrance and other related conditions among different countries. Based on our research, we develop cosmetics that local consumers really need. Through our unremitting efforts, Naris has gained the trust from overseas users. What’s more, we spread our ‘for others’ spirit to the world by training local staffs, promotion, exhibition, advertising etc.

Img personal beauty consultants