Naris Hawaii Loyalty Program SealWhen you make purchases online through your consultant you receive points towards free products and gifts. Take advantage of extra savings through our loyalty program.

How to Earn Points

And Receive FREE Products

Purchase any Naris product online through your consultant and receive points towards free gifts. Select a consultant here.

Gold Sticker Once you receive your products, find and cut out the Gold Seal & Bar Code from the product packaging and save them.

DOWNLOAD & PRINT this PDF to track your points.

Print and fill out the form below.  Enter your total points earned.  Mail in your form along with all your Gold Seals/Bar Codes to redeem your points.


Once we receive your form with the Gold Seals/ Bar Codes, we will send you the gift of your choice at the address you have specified on the form.

*Redemptions point values subject to change without notice

Receive These Free Gifts

With the following earned points, receive these products for free!

Scroll left to right to see points needed.

AC GRAND Mild Cleansing Oil 4
AC GRAND Creamy Wash 4
AC GRAND Concentrate Gel Spot 4
ECMER Treatment Crème Lotion 5
LIDEE Foundation Case 5.5
LIDEE Powder Veil Case 5.5
SELGRACE Makeup Pwdr Cake Case 6
SELGRACE Makeup Base in Pact Case 6
SELGRACE Makeup Powder Veil Case 6
ECMER Shampoo 6.5
ECMER Conditioner 6.5
ECMER Styling Spray 7
ECMER Luster Treatment 7.5
AC GRAND Aqua Crème Lotion 7.5
LUQUE Double Cleansing Foam 8.5
LUQUE Cleansing Creme 9
LUQUE Massaging Pack 10
LUQUE Conditioning Conc 10
LUQUE Balancing Lotion 10
LIDEE MU Base Long Keep 11.5
LIDEE MU Base Moist Veil 11.5
LIDEE Melty Pact Foundation 11.5
LIDEE Powder Cake Foundation 11.5
LIDEE Powder Veil 11.5
LUQUE Crème Lotion 12
LUQUE Treatment Crème Lotion 13
LUQUE Crème 13
BIOQUEEN Essential Lotion White 13
BIOQUEEN Double Cleansing 13.5
LIDEE Liquid Foundation 15
LIDEE Loose Powder 15
REJUARNA Double Cleansing 15
BIOQUEEN Massage Pack 16.5
BIOQUEEN Moist Crème Lotion 17.5
DEARSE WH Soothing Mask 17.5
ETT Liquid Foundation 17.5
ETT Loose Powder 17.5
MAJESTA Neoaxis Moist Double Cleansing 18
MAJESTA W Cleansing Serum 18
MAJESTA W Cleansing Foam 18
BIOQUEEN All Purpose Lotion 18
REJUARNA Crème Lotion 19
SELGRACE Makeup Jell Makeup Base 19
SELGRACE Makeup Crème Makeup Base 19
SELGRACE Makeup Powder Cake 19
SELGRACE Makeup Base in Pact Fnd 19
TRUERIA WH Limission Stick 19
REJUARNA All Purpose Lotion 19.5
BIOQUEEN Enrich Creme 20
DEARSE WH Massaging Gel Pack 20
DEARSE WR Focus Eye Creme 20
DEARSE WR Line Hold Mask 20
LIDEE Crème Foundation 20
LUQUE Starter Set 20
REJUARNA Creme 22.5
SELGRACE Makeup Liquid Foundation 23
MAJESTA Neoaxis Lotion (Balancing) 24
MAJESTA Deep Care Conc A/B 24
MAJESTA Lotion I/II 24
SELGRACE Double Cleansing 26
MAJESTA Neoaxis Massaging Pack 26.5
MAJESTA Massaging Pack 26.5
REJUARNA Massaging Pack 26.5
DEARSE WR Moist Cushion Serum 28
MAJESTA Neoaxis Crème Lotion 28
MAJESTA Crème Lotion 28
SELGRACE Makeup Powder Veils: 01 or 02 28
REJUARNA Starter Set, 3 pc 28.5
FACIALS & MASSAGE Custom Classic 30
MAJESTA Neoaxis Treatment Crème Lotion 32.5
MAJESTA Treatment Crème Lotion 32.5
FACIALS & MASSAGE Poration (White or Wrinkle) 35
DEARSE WH Essence 37
FACIALS & MASSAGE Selgrace Poration 40
SELGRACE Lotion 40
SELGRACE Trial Use Kit 40
SELGRACE Gelee 40.5
MAJESTA Crème 45
SELGRACE Makeup Crème Foundation 46.5
SELGRACE Crème Lotion 48.5
SELGRACE Formula 49.5
MAJESTA Starter Set A/B 53.5