Dearse WH Serum

Dearse WH Serum


Rich beauty serum that fights dark spots and evens out skin tone. Stops premature aging of skin due to UV rays.

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Anti-aging and Brightening Serum reduces skin aging caused by UV ray exposure and corrects dark spots and brown uneven skin tones.

*Long acting Vitamin C is known to reduce melanin. Pau d’Arco Bark Extract intensifies the effect of Vitamin C.

*Other herb extracts work on epidermis to reduce visibility of melanin pigments. Helps to fade brown spots.

*Apple Tannin reduces influence of stress on skin (one of the causes of dark spots)

*Turmeric Extract (Naris original ingredient) blocks melanin production transmitter (SCF)

*Citrus Unshiu Peel reduces enzyme responsible for triggering melanin due to UV rays

1.3 fl. oz.

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Weight 5.3 oz


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