Majesta Lotion 1 & 2

Majesta Lotion 1 & 2


Lotions are now available as Lotion I and Lotion II. Lotions are conditioners, or toners, that focus on the important step of pH balancing while delivering an immediate sensation of moisture permeating into the skin.

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Majesta Lotions I or II are conditioners or toners that target areas of the skin that need moisture. These conditioning Lotions focus on the important step of balancing your skin pH while delivering an immediate feel of moisture permeating into the skin.

Lotion I rapidly moisturizes the entire epidermal layer, focusing on the important step of balancing skin pH and leaving a refreshed moisturized feeling to the skin.

Lotion II focuses on delivering longer-lasting moisture into the skin by using different sized moisturizing ingredients; one for surface moisture which keeps the skin moisturized to the touch and a slower, deeper penetrating moisture ingredient to fill cuticle layers for a longer-lasting moisture finish.

6.0 fl. oz.

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Weight 10.1 oz
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