Majesta W Cleansing Foam

Majesta W Cleansing Foam


Lathering micro-foam facial cleanser removes makeup, surface dirt and oils in one step. Leaves skin soft and moisturized.

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W Cleansing is a Naris signature cleansing foam with patented HOSC cleansing technology. This cleanser lathers into thick moisture retaining micro-foam that cleanses by drawing up dirt and make up into itself then cleanly rinses away leaving no residue. Soap residue (soap scum) causes skin dryness. This mico-foam makes it possible to even remove the residue or soap scum leaving your skin clean and moist.

*Most foaming cleansers break up when they touch makeup and soils. Majesta double cleanser CB formulation does not breakdown for higher cleansing ability.

* Neo sensor ingredient only removes soils from the skin and pores, not moisture. Considered innovative, this cleansing ingredient can add moisture to the skin.

3.5 oz.

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Weight 4.8 oz


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