Rejuarna Massaging Pack

Rejuarna Massaging Pack


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Combination massaging Creme for skin firmness and facial mask for improved skin texture. Aids in pore cleansing and minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores.

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Massaging pack increases blood circulation and improves elasticity. Facial pack ingredients softens skin and brings fresh cells to the surface faster. Aids in pore cleansing and improved skin texture.

*Puerariae Extract used in ancient China has a circulation-promoting effect and removes the active oxygen that causes wrinkles and sagging.

*Natural Silk Fiber powder aids deep pore cleansing and decreases enlarged pores.

*Vitamin B-12 and Argan Oil softens skin with moisturizing finish. High in Vitamin E for enhanced skin protection.

*Polymer Net ingredient locks in moisture.

2.8 oz.

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Weight 4.0 oz


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