Selgrace Powder Veil Bouquet Blend Refill


Two types of powder veils, both with SS 18/PA++ sun protection. Puff included. CASE NOT INCLUDED.

Type 01 (Bouquet Blend) Increases reflection and brightens and moisturizes.

type 02 (Grand Fit) decreases oxidation and minimizes appearance of pores.

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Pressed powder veil with added skin care that comes in two types: Bouquet Blend (01) and Grand Fit (02). Added Blue Light Powder increases reflection and brightens skin tone; fills in wrinkles so they are less noticeable. Amino Acid Complex works a s natural moisturizing factor, increasing cell regeneration. Puff included. CASE NOT INCLUDED.

*Bouquet Blend (01) uses spherical powder to give a soft focus effect.

*Grand Fit (02) Adheres more densely to skin to provide greater coverage and pore minimization.

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