Our direct-operated beauty salon, caring for women’s skin

Healing the stress of both mind and body leads to beautiful overall wellness, which is the service provided by Naris aesthetic salon “Pridage”. With counseling based on our original stratum corneum balance theory and skin layer analysis, “Balantics” will recommend cosmetics, supplements, and aesthetic treatment tailored to each and every customer. Our direct-operated beauty salon provides answers for women who pursue beauty with various products and techniques.

Naris Salon Room beauty salon
Naris Salon Room beauty salon

Naris Pridage is a total esthetic care line that contains an abundance of active ingredients. Combined with the skillful techniques of the esthetician, it focuses on each individual client’s needs and is able to nurture and resolve skin problems: creating a complexion that is healthy and radiant. Our Salon integrates Selgrace, New Majesta, and Dearse products in our facials so clients can seamlessly continue at-home care.

90 minutes

Our Poration Facial treatment uses two types of specific electrical currents to beautify the complexion. First, a cosmetic electroporation current delivers non-invasive, but effective anti-aging and brightening effects. This device uses a low reversed polarity current to gently prepare the skin to accept therapeutic serums for instant and long-lasting effects. Anti-aging serum contains collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Brightening serum contains Alpha-Arbutin, Vitamin C, and Zinc Gluconate. Secondly, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) gently aids in improving facial muscle tone.

Poration facial treatments are available in an intensive series of 6 treatments or incorporated into our 90 minute facial.

90 minutes

A customized facial treatment individualized for your specific skin needs. We use the latest manual techniques and technological facial equipment to thoroughly cleanse, gently exfoliate, steam and deep pore cleanse. Ultrasound and manual facial massage encourages cell regeneration. A customized mask and soothing, relaxing massage complete the facial.

Additional features of our Custom Classic Facial:

  • Naris Beauty Prosonic. Exclusive to Naris, the BEAUTY PROSONIC machine delivers ultrasound waves to produce the most effective firming and toning results possible.
  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Moisturize and nourish dehydrated skin.
  • Brighten and diminish the appearance of irregular pigment and age spots.
  • Strengthen and balance sensitive skin.
  • Thoroughly and gently cleanse and condition acne prone skin.

90 minutes

Selgrace is Naris’ very best in skincare. Selgrace exclusive CG Extract, Safflower seed oil ester and other Naris exclusive ingredients promote cell regeneration, increase blood circulation and efficient delivery of nutrients, which promote skin tautness and radiance for a youthful appearance.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) light therapy is proven to promote increased cell regeneration through light energy stimulation. Other benefits of LED therapy includes pigmentation control, treatment of acne and anti-inflammatory properties.

60 minutes

Basic maintenance or mid-month “tune-up” facial includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation, pH balancing and Naris BEAUTY PROSONIC stimulation.

60 minutes

Deep cleansing facial designed to clean and minimize enlarged pores, cleanse and treat acne with Naris acne grand skin care line.

60 minutes

Designed to minimize sun and lighten the appearance of dark spots due to age, sun damage and hormone-related hyper-pigmentation.