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We offer customized facial treatments using the finest Naris Cosmetics Collections and high tech facial equipment. Our salon utilizes only the finest treatment products developed exclusively by Naris research laboratories for optimum results. Combined with the skillful techniques of the esthetician we focus on each individual client’s skin care needs. We integrate Naris Selgrace, Majesta, Dearse collections with the exclusive Majesta Pridage Spa Collection in our facials so clients can seamlessly continue excellent care at home.


2-step cleansing: Cleansing serum for make up removal then gentle cleansing foam to soften and remove dead skin and surface soils.

Steam Massage

Steam with Ozone purifies skin surface while adding moisture and micro-massage benefits. Enzymes for exfoliation and skin softening.

Liquid Exfoliation and ph Balancing

Liquid exfoliator gently removes dead skin cells and cleans deeply into pores. Balancing lotion protects skin while establishing a moisture base. Used with ion device (not pictured) for best results.

Beauty Pro Sonic

Naris exclusive sonic device delivers ultrasound waves to stimulate skin tissue for increased elasticity and firmness.


Relaxing massage techniques to stimulate, soothe, and restore a sense of well being.

Facial Mask

Specially selected facial mask to suite your individual skin needs: such as anti-aging, brightening, firming, detoxifying or acne control.

Moisturize and Protect

Deep moisturizing serums and lotions nourish and restore skin. Naris sun protection is added to guard fresh cells from sun damage.


A Beautiful You!